About Us

Antique Pickers Estate Sales Company is located in Cypress, Texas. We conduct antique sales throughout the United States. We have sold 100’s of millions of dollars worth of antiques and collectibles since 1961. A few examples of items we have sold in the past….a 1961 Gibson Les Paul guitar for $275,000, a 1929 Knickerbocker Mickey Mouse Cowboy for $12,000, a vintage pocket watch for $50,000, a 1927 $20 gold coin for $22,000, a $20 gold certificate bill for $13,000 and much much more……

If you have a lot of antiques and/or collectibles as part of an estate or collection you need to sell you need a company that knows antiques to get the highest prices. We know antiques and we know collectibles. We have extensive resources and relationships with some of the country’s top experts. We offer free sale consultations and antique evaluations. We also offer full service appraisals for your antiques, collectibles and more.

About Antique Pickers Back Roads Tour

The Antique Pickers Back Roads Tour travels the country side looking for and purchasing all types of treasures. Our experts come to these events with cash and ready to spend it on the items they are looking for. View the Antique Pickers Back Roads Tour Show Schedule here. If you want to learn more about the Antique Pickers Back Roads Tour click here: